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Forced Order
English ClueFrench Answer
a train station
a business trip
seasonal labour force
by plane
skilled labour force
industrialized countries
a harbour station
a meeting
a stop (over)
to go on foot
an exchange
third-world countries
to make a stop
rich countries
an inn (simple hotel in the country w|out luxury)
a crossing
a hotel
a pleasure trip
heavenly lands
a tourist business
a tourist trip
a tourist
English ClueFrench Answer
to take a trip
a bus station
accommodation, lodging
developed countries
a car rental
regular labour force
a country's economy
a direct flight
to leave for a trip
mass tourism
a hotel with full board
an ocean trip
job creation
a campground
a river boat (sight-seeing)
a ferry
a bed and breakfast
cold climates
by car
to return from a trip
a package tour or holiday
poor countries
white sand beaches
someone who explores
to travel
welcoming country
by train
English ClueFrench Answer
a cruise
procurer de l'argent
exotic landscapes
semi-skilled labour force
where the tourist can choose their own program
temperate climates
organized vacations
to rent a car
a country's industry
a hotel with half board
a pilgrim
warm climates
a travel agency
a missionary
world tourism
developing countries
a study trip
a chartered flight
by boat
tropical climates
un voyage qui dure longtemps
bed and breakfast
a non-stop flight
an inn
a pilgrimage

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