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Position - YearNameHint
LB (09-10)GLB
DB (06)Keane Transfer
OL (09-10)Star of the Blind Side???
OL (06)Degenerative Hip - Unfortunately
WR (07)This Scout Team Wideout Wore #16
DL (10)Burlington Township Superstar
DB (10)Orange Pride
WR/DB (06-09)Best Navy Seals QB of All-Time
WR (06)Had four catches vs Western Michigan in 2006
DL/LB (07-08)Took the defense to another level
K/P (06)Ended up at Towson
OL (06-07)Voted Ugliest Player on Team for 2 straight years
DL (06)2 Spotted Matt Rhule in Shower before 2006 Homecoming
DB (07)Killer-Miller
OL (10)Big 33 Participant
TE/DL (08-10)Constantly shuffled from TE to DE and back
OL (07-08)'All you do is eat!!!!' - George Deleone
WR (07)Still wears his Temple Gear EVERYWHERE
TE/OL/DL (06-09)On the 6-year TUFB Plan
OL (06)Scored TD on Boise Play in Training Camp 06
OL (09)Got hit by a car - video shown in team meeting
RB/DB (08-Spring 09)From BC to Temple (twice)
OL (10)One of 2 Piscataway Signees in 2009
DL (06)#50 in your program
LB (07)Knocked Out Moses Parker for good
DB (06-07)'______, get out the drill!' - PWilly
WR (06)Delaware Track Star
DL (06-08)Minnesota Transfer
LB (10)Sister might be best athlete in family
LB/DB (09-10)Big Block on James Nixon KR TD vs Navy in 09
DL/LB (06-07)Currently Pro Boxer
DB (07-08)Key Forced Fumble vs Army in 2008 on Pride
DB (06)Chuck-Pac
DB (09-10)2009 Defensive Scout Team Player of the Year
RB/DB (06)Strongest DB in TU History????
DL (10)Big Weave
RB (08-09)'Thunder'
LB (09-10)Born in Baltimore, moved to York, PA
LB (09-10)'You got 10 Greenie'
LB (08)Louisville Transfer after being a Temple Commit
FB (06-07)Mark of the Moo-Shoo
TE (10)Pride of the Haverford School
OL (06-09)He'll do Dahmahge
DB (06-07)'B'
WR (10)2-year pride of FUMA
DT (09-10)'Dancing Bear' - Jared Backus
TE (10)Latest and greatest in a long line of 'Drago's'
LB/TE (06-08)One-handed catch vs Bowling Green in '07
OL/DL (09-10)2010 Defensive Scout Player of the Year
TE (06)Ended Up at Utah
QB (06-08)Infatuated with Matt Rhule
RB (06-07)'Mayor Nutter, what are you gonna do for the Arts?'
QB (07)His Turkey Burned
DL (10)Older brother played at Vanderbilt
WR (08-10)Washington DC Native
DB (10)Rutgers Transfer
RB/WR/DB (07)One of the biggest recruits in Temple History
OL (06)Kansas State Transfer
WR (07)Alan Dandar Protege Part II
TE/LB (08-09)LT
TE (07-09)Only player to score a TD in 2009 Cherry and White Game
DL (09-10)Sack that sealed deal in first shutout since 1982
WR/DB (06)Contributor at WR for 3 years - moved to safety
RB (07-08)St. Joe's Prep Pride
LB (06)Escaped Via Being Tossed Out of Temple Tuff
WR/DB (07)Concussion ended career
RB (07)Scholarship RB quit after first Week of Camp
Position - YearNameHint
FB (06)Brother is a part of TU Lore
DB (07-08)Dolly
LB (10)Upper Darby Grad
WR (06)'Jump'
OL (06)Father is a huge part of the Program
RB (06)No. 42 in your media guide, No. 1 in your heart
OL (06-07)One of the BIGGEST members of the program
LB (07-08)Came on scene in Cherry and White Game 2007 with 18 tackles and a blocked kick to seal the win
DL/LB (09-10)DVN
K/P (06)2006 Dr. Peter Chodoff Award Winner
TE/LB (06-08)Known for Impressions
LB (06)'AC'
OL (10)USC???
K/P (09)Syracuse Transfer
LB (07-10)Stephen A
RB (08-10)Pride of Liberty HS
LB (06-07)The first 'Local 215' signee
OL (06)Ended up at FAU via Ohio after TU
DB (07)Pride of Silver Springs, MD
K/P (Spring 09)'Peter Frampton'
TE (06)'Oh Canada'
RB (07)Alan Dandar Protege Part I
OL (06-08)Torn Pec derailed Senior Season
TE (09-10)Snyders
OL (06)'Sleepy'
DB (07-08)Stay Wavy
K/P (07)Wore #8
K/P (08)Lasalle Transfer
DB (08-09)Saw playing time vs Kent State in 09 (Bench Tiger 9)
K/P (06)Ended up at Robert Morris
DL (10)Randy Melvin's lone legacy on the recruiting trail
DB (08-09)Young Savage
WR/DB (09-10)Tallwood HS Grad
LB (06)Brother Played for TU through 2009
OL (09-10)Pride of Upstate NY
QB/TE'Future Temple Head Football Coach'
WR (07)'Mini-Hutch'
DL (Spring 08)Arizona JUCO Transfer
OL (10)Most Ghetto Indian not named Satyen Bhakta
DL (07)Skinniest DE in Temple History
DB (06-08)Started a game at RB in 2005
OL (06)Currently resides in Kansas
WR (07)No. 87
DL (Spring 10)Came to Temple from Piscataway via FUMA
DL (09)Currently at Tennessee-Martin
OL (07)Quit first day of camp
DB (06)'K.J.'
RB/TENotre Dame Transfer
OL (09-10)Pride of Toms River
DL (06)Once bragged on sideline about skipping class for 3 straight weeks
K/P (08)Ended up at Delaware
OL (06-07)Ended up at Stony Brook
DB (09-10)Recognized by Phil Steele as 3rd String SS in 2010
WR (10)Fullerton Transfer
OL/DL (07-08)Ended up at West Chester
LB (09-10)Wall Township Pride
LB (06-07)Favorite of Coach Siravo
RB (06)One-man Pro Day
DL (06-07)Known for his red sweater
RB (06)Quick 6 Terminator
DL (06)Faust-Boss
DB (10)No. 17
DL (09-10)Beat Boxer
RB (07)Quit after finding out he was starting vs UCONN
OL (08-10)Twins from Calvert Hall
LB (09-10)Former Signee of 'The U'
DL/LB (06-08)Career ended by perpetual back problem
Position - YearNameHint
QB (10)Gissuepe
DB (06)Went on to star as TU Track Athlete
WR (06)Tried to fight Satyen Bhakta during Practice
DB (09-10)'Stealing hearts and taking names' - Donof
DB (10)Proud Crab Bowl Participant
K/P (08)Inijo
QB (06-08)Pride of Monsignor Bonnor HS
QB (09-10)Chose Temple despite impending offer from Ohio State
OL (06)Started seven games at Left Guard
RB/WR/DB (08-09)JUCO Arizona player originally from Pittsburgh
TE/OL (06-08)'What it is foo?'
OL (08)Ended up at Wagner
LB (10)Trooooooch!
TE/LB (08)Walkon From FUMA
DL (06-07)Braaaaaaaaaabs
OL (09)Coach Dees' favorite walk-on
FB (06-07)Went on to star as TU Track Athlete
OL (10)Northeastern Transfer
WR (08-09)Ended up at Central Connecticut
LB (07)Best Madden Player of 2007 Squad
WR (10)Shares last name with a Heisman Candidate
TE (09-10)'Where Brooklyn At?'
LB (06)Pitt Transfer
WR (06-07)Broken Foot ended career
WR/DB (10)Cousin is also a 2010 freshman
DB (09)Aloha
WR (09-10)The Real Great White Hope
LB (07-08)Remembered for his motivational pre-game speech vs Buffalo in 2007
QB (09)Currently a JUCO Baseball Player
QB/RB/TE/DB (06)Ended up at Winston-Salem State
TE (08)Fricky
RB (07-08)Brother starred at Arizona
OL (06-07)Deleone's Baby on Autozone
WR (08)Abington High School Grad
DL/LB (06-09)Maryland Transfer
QB (06)Starting QB after Spring 2006
OL (08)From Dees' neck of the woods
TE/DL (06-07)Active Marine
WR (07-09)DSR
RB (06)Lamar McPherson's Protege
DB (10)Hofstra Transfer
LB (06)'Fish'
OL (09)Key Cog in the Frenksiekiniki Trio
TE/OL (06-09)Caught TD against Vanderbilt in 06
WR (06-08)Blog Expert
LB (06-07)Last seen bouncing at McFaddens
LB (10)Legendary Picture with Taray Carey
DL (10)Big-time High School Wrestler
OL (10)'Set the Tempo' for Scout O-Line
DB (09)Former St. Joe's Prep QB
WR (07-10)Made Varsity 4 weeks after walk-on tryout
TE (09-10)2010 Long Snapper
OL (07-10)Show me your beard
DB (06-08)Pride of Germantown HS
RB (10)Lil Chris
TE/DL (08-09)'Bilow'
DB (07)Crucial Tackle vs Akron on 3rd and 1 in 2007
DL (10)California
WR/DB (07-10)Original Great White Hope
RB (07)Currently a Member of the Tennessee Titans Organization
LB (09)Brother starred at Akron
K/P (06)FG Specialist
K/P (10)Rated as Top 10 Punter in Nation by
LB (06)Dislocated Elbow ended 06 season, currently UCONN Strength GA
OL (09-10)CHIEF!
OL (09)Forced to retire due to innocent Concussion

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