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Which island is the largest Channel Island?
In what year did WW1 start?
When was D-Day? (e.g. 25th December 2011)
What is the capital of Bulgaria
What famous British rifle fired the .303 round?
What WW2 British tank sometimes known as the 'Queen of the Battlefield'
In which county is the town of Sandwich?
Who was Hitler's architect?
Which British Prime Minister was previously a jounalist who worked for the 'Morning Post'?
What does USSR stand for?
What is the name of the Royal Navy's newest class of Destroyer? (e.g Type...)
What are the Islands 'Las Malvinas' usually known as?
What number is a bakers dozen?
What year was the Great Fire of London?
Which lane did the fire start on?
Who wrote the music for the films and TV show 'Where Eagles Dare', 'Miss Marple' and 'The Battle of Britain'?
What type of ship is HMS Belfast? (e.g. Destroyer)
Where is HMS Belfast moored now as a museum ship?
Which ship is the oldest commissioned warship?
What colour are uncooked Lobsters in the waters surrounding the UK?
Who was the wartime leader of the Free French and later President of France?
What date did the Berlin Wall fall? (e.g. 1st January 2012)

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