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Katie Couric / Anjelina Jolie
John Cleese / Robert DeNiro
Jay Leno / Robin Williams
Kevin Smith / Courteney Cox
Chuck Norris / Ben Stiller
Lance Bass / Robert Downey Jr.
Roger Clemens / Woody Harrelson
Dustin Diamond / Vince Vaughn
Eminem / Adam Sandler
Paris Hilton / Owen Wilson
Charlie Sheen / Matthew Broderrick
Arnold Schwarzenegger / The Rock
Jackie Chan / Frank Sinatra
Charlton Heston / Dana Carvey
Michelle Trachtenberg / Matt Damon
Benicio Del Toro / Pee Wee Herman
Paul Newman / Jeremy Piven
Fabio / Meryl Streep
Mike Myers / Brad Pitt
William Shatner / Bruce Willis
Hulk Hogan / Pheobe Cates
Sylvester Stallone / Dan Aykroyd
Courtney Love / Dave Chappelle
Johnny Knoxville / Tyra Banks
George Takei / Eddie Murphy
Billy Bob Thornton / Steven Seagal
R. Lee Ermey / Michael J. Fox
James Caan / Anna Faris
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar / Ernest Borgnine
Jim Carrey / Clint Eastwood

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