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DefinitionType of DefinitionExamples
A definition that assigns a meaning to a word for the first time.'Quizz' means a very hard quiz.
A definition intended to report the way a word is actually used in a language.'Dictum' means an authoritative saying, statement, or pronouncement.
A definition intended to reduce the vagueness of a word.'Referee' in soccer means an official who oversees the game, and make decisions according to the rules of soccer.
A definition that assigns a meaning to a word by suggesting a theory that gives a certain characterization to the entities that the term denotes.'Heat' means the energy associated with the random motion of the molecules of a substance
A definition intended to engender a favorable or unfavorable attitude toward what is denoted by the definiendum.'Liberal' means a drippy-eyed do-gooder obsessed with giving away other people's money.

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