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Can you name the U.S. President by their Landmark Records ?

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Forced Order
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Record or EventPresidentYears in office
Youngest President ever elected
1st(and only) President who was never married
1st President to ride in a car
1st President to live in the White House
1st(and only) President to resign from office
Smallest and shortest President
1st Black President
Oldest President
1st President to get a shoe thrown at him
1st President to die in office
1st President to be impeached
Record or EventPresidentYears in office
1st President to decorate the Christmas Tree
Tallest President
1st President to be assassinated
1st President of the United States of America
1st President to declare war
1st (and only) president to serve more than two terms in office
Largest President
1st President to be born in United States of America
1st(and only) president to serve for two unconsecutive terms
1st President to be photographed
1st President to appear on tv

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