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On a dark desert highway5
Warm smell of colitas5
Up ahead in the distance5
My head grew heavy and4
I had to stop3
There she stood3
I heard the2
Then I was thinking to myself9
Then she lit up a candle6
There were voices down the corridor6
Welcome to3
Such a lovely place4
Such a2
Plenty of room at3
Any time of year4
You can3
Her mind is 2
She got 3
She got a lot of3
That she calls1
How they dance6
Some dance to remember4
So I called up the captain5
He said we haven't had that4
And still those voices are calling3
Wake you up in the middle of the night 5
Welcome to3
Such a lovely place3
Such a2
There living it up at 3
What a nice suprise4
Mirrors on the ceiling, the 4
And she said we are all just6
And in the masters chambers they4
They stab it4
But they just can't3
Last thing I remember6
I had to find 3
To the place3
Relax said 3
We are programmed2
You can check out 4
But you can2

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