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What were they looking for when they went to the North Pole?
Who does Mayim Bialik play? (full name)
Where do the guys work?
What form of transportation does Sheldon love?
What is Sheldon's mom's name? (first name)
Name one of the two people from whom Sheldon has a restraining order for.
What did Sheldon name their bowling team?
What is Sheldon's IQ?
What is Raj's job? (full title)
Who is the 15-year-old Korean who comes to their University and belittles Sheldon's work?
What is Sheldon's job? (full title)
How old was Sheldon when he went to college?
What activity does the group do on Wednesday nights?
What else do they do on Fridays?
Which band performs the opening theme?
What is Penny's father's nickname for her?
Where does Bernadette work?
What religion is Howard?
What did Sheldon send Leonard's mother after she had carpel tunnel surgery?
What gastrointestinal disorder does Leonard have?
What is Sheldon's dad's name?
What is Leonard's job? (full title)
Who funded their expedition to the North Pole?
What enables Raj to talk to women?
What is Sheldon's grandmother's nickname for him?
What does Leonard bring Penny back from the North Pole?
What is Bernadette's religion?
What do they eat on Mondays?
What is Bernadette going to school to be?
What is Sheldon's nickname for his grandmother?
What string instrument does Leonard play?
What does Howard not have that the others constantly tease him about?
What is Howard deathly allergic to?
What does Sheldon do on Saturday nights?
Who is Sheldon's nemesis that Leonard had a relationship with?
What do they eat on Fridays?
Who else works with Bernadette?
Where is Raj from? (city & country)
Where do they eat on Tuesdays?
Which girlfriend of Leonard's is the only one Sheldon has claimed to find tolerable? (full name)
In what city and state is the show set? (city and state)
What does sheldon watch on Saturday mornings?
When their apartment is robbed, where does Sheldon move? (city and state)
Where does Stuart work?
What is the name of the laptop that both Sheldon and Leonard own?
What is Raj's sister's name?
What is Leonard's mom's name? (first name)
Kaley Cuoco is who?
What is the name of Leonard's hookup who gets deported back to North Korea?
At what age did Sheldon receive his first PhD?
What type of pin does Howard always have on his neck?
When Leonard and Sheldon go to Penny's ex's house in the first episode, what do they return home without?
What tender, fall-apart-in-your-hands dish does Howard's mom frequently make?
Who does Howard marry? (first & last name)
In the first episode, what do Leonard and Sheldon go to Penny's ex boyfriend's house to retrieve?
What was the name of Leonard's dog that died?
Simon Helberg is which character? (full name)
Where is Penny from? (city & state)
Where was Sheldon born? (city and state)
What is Sheldon's twin sister's name? (first & last name)
Johnny Galecki portrays which character? (full name)
What is Howard's job? (full title)
Jim Parsons plays which character? (full name)
What is Sheldon's catchphrase?
When Stuart goes on a date with Penny, instead of saying his name while they were making out, she says what?
Who does Kunal Nayyar play? (full name)

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