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?Leader of the Volturi
?Female Prognastic
?Bella's father
?Breaking _______
?Edwards mothers
?Bella lives there
?Volturi receptionist
?Volturi Guard member
?told the volturi on renesmee
?Billy's werewolf son
?jareds imprinted on _______
?Edward is compared to a Mountain _____
?Alices' real first name
?other vampire alice finds like renesmee
?The cullens coven
?Where bella goes to help jess and angela choose prom dresses
?name of people who live in la push
?Who was engaged to royce king
?Amazon Vampire
?______ Crowley, nearly ran bella over with his van
?Sam _____
?vampire army in italy
?Jasper's real surname
?the actor who plays riley
?Emily's last name
?Amazon Vamire

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