One Direction Songs by Opening Lyrics

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You're insecure, don'y know what for...Liam Payne
 Liam Payne
 Liam Payne
 Liam Payne
From the moment I met you, everything changed...Liam Payne
 Liam Payne
It feels like we've been living in fast-forward...Liam Payne
 Harry Styles
LyricSongWho sings opening lyrics
Can't ever get it right, no matter how hard I try...Liam Payne
 Liam Payne
 Liam Payne
I've tried playing it cool, but when I'm looking at you...Liam Payne
Now that you can't have me, you suddenly want me...Liam Payne
We've got a bit of love/ hate, drove me to the edge then you hit the brakes...Liam Payne
 Liam Payne
Give you this, give you that, blow a kiss, take it back...Harry Styles

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