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A- Summoning charm
B- The Slytherin ghost
C- Hermione's cat
D- Magical subject of seeing the future
E- Weasley owl
F- Harry's broomstick from Sirius
G- What Harry used to breath underwater in the second task
H- Neville's best subject
I - Professor Karkaroff (first name)
J- Fred and George's best friend (last name)
K- In the Dumbledore family (first name)
L- Draco's dad (first name)
M- Haunts the girls' bathroom
N- Voldemort's Snake
O- A secret society formed by Dumbledore
P- The poltegeist
Q- Wizard sport
R- The place where the DA met
S- Knight Bus conductor
T- Madame Rosmerta's pub
U- DADA professor in book 5 (last name)
V- Teaches Arithmancy (last name)
W - Dumbledore's middle name that comes after Percival
X- Mr Lovegood (first name)
Y- Traditional Triwizard dance
Z- Joke shop in Hogsmeade (Full Name)

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