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I wanna be...A Starship Ranger...>.<
How Old is Darren?
What is Darren's middle name?
What University did he Attend?
In Which American city was He Born?
although he was born and raised here, he has lived in which US state?
What nationality is Darren?
He has been playing what instrument since he was 5?
Name one of the other six instruments that He taught himself.
Darren was first known for a viral video Musical. what was his characters name?
As this Character he had to have an on stage kiss with which of his costars?
Darren is a founding member of what Theater production company?
Darren contributed the music and stared in what short lived web series?
What is the Name of Darren's Solo album?
What year was it released?
At what age did Darren make his professional stage debut?
Darren Has been on three Television shows... Most recent?
What is his characters name?
He originally auditioned for which main character on the show?
What was the first song he performed on this show?
Another show he's been on?
I wanna be...A Starship Ranger...>.<
What Web Show does Darren contribute to on 'Funny Or Die'?
Who Is Darren's best Friend?
Other then the aforementioned viral musical what other productions has Darren's Theater production company performed?
On Darren's Youtube channel he does several covers. Name one.
Darren once played in a band with which member of his family?
What is Darren's signature accessory?
Finish this line: 'And Now I'm feeling So Fly Like A: '
Darren has appeared in two short films, name one.
He appeared on the cover of what magazine on 28 January 2011 Alongside Fellow Glee Costar Chris Colfer?
He has been on four other magazine covers as well. Name one.
In college, Darren studied abroad in what european country?
Darren was raised under what religion?
True or false? His biggest fear is turning into an inanimate object?
Darren has appeared in three music videos, one for Montgomery Gentry. Name the song.
How many shows has he sold out at the Roxy Theater in Los Angeles?
Who did Darren attend the Grammy's with?
Which Comedian is Darren's celebrity crush?
According to Him, what is Darren's spirit animal?
How tall is Darren?
Which artist appeared at one of Darren's shows to help him with his rendition of their song?

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