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They trampled the voice of the path that's ceasing us
The journey must continue, it does not start or end here
No one's asking for hangman's tree, they just looking for something true to believe
And they come from the leaders but we say we never lead
Well my friends, gather round. It seems my mind's not so sound.
Where are the Americans now that they fractured your country?
Don't underestimate the fate of preordained malice
At the foot of this pile on Gideon's bed she gave me a needlepoint motorbike
Anatole do you have to keep on telling me that this time will pass you
I don't need your world control and the opinion of the inner elite
Chad Everett Turnpike take me past Manchester down to Mass
And the sun will set sad and sick, break these chains I don't want them no more
They came in truck with their iron wrath driving this country to its dying breath
Back from the eastern wars they tell you what they've seen
And your eyes too big for your belly is weak
A semi just jack knifed on the turnpike
I had to come and arrest you from your sleep. You see you got too many promises to keep.
Downwind they come up lonely, all hungry for the kill
Cause the bottles not empty, cause your voices are all there
A poor man fights and dies for what a rich man only believes

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