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'I can always find my __________' Rosalinda's Eyes; 2 wds
'Too many pieces means __________' The Great Wall of China; 4 wds
'Though he's bathed in sweat, he hasn't ___' Zanzibar; 3 wds
'His age and his size took the _______' The Ballad of Billy Kid; 3 wds
'And the microphone ________' Piano Man; 4 wds
'We gotta force 9 blowing on the _______' Storm Front; 2 words
'Right at this moment I'm _______' I Go To Extremes; 2 wds
'One night before the last song, about a __' Christie Lee; 3 wds
'In my time, I've wandered _______' Baby Grand; 4 wds
'After the fire and the light, one thing is certain: ____' Two Thousand Years; 6 wds

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