German Field Marshals of WW2

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German Field Marshals from 1936 onwards
20th April 1936 - Minisiter of War until 1938
4th February 1938 - took over the Red Barons Squadron in WWI
19th July 1940 - Last Command was Army Group South
19th July 1940 - Early C in C of the Wehrmacht Heer
19th July 1940 - Head of the OKW
19th July 1940 - know as 'Clever Hans'
19th July 1940 - Failed to take Leningrad
19th July 1940 - Commanded 14th Army
19th July 1940 - Luftwaffe Marshal
19th July 1940 - Luftwaffe Marshal
19th July 1940 - Captured Kiev and Kharkov
19th July 1940 - one of the highest profile generals of the war
19th July 1940 - Conspirator in the July 20 plot
German Field Marshals from 1936 onwards
31st October 1940 - Austrian General - Honorary Title
22nd June 1942 - the Desert Fox
30th June 1942 - Captured Danzig
1st July 1942 - commanded Army Group Don
31st January 1943 - Surrendered at Stalingrad
1st February 1943 - Head of Army Group North West
1st February 1943 - Highest Ranked Officer to die in Soviet Captivity
1st February 1943 - Commanded Army Group F
16th February 1943 - Fourth Cousin of WWI Flying Ace
1st March 1944 - Defeated in the Ruhr
5th April 1945 - commanded Army Group Centre
25th April 1945 - Last Commander of the Luftwaffe

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