Famous Kings of Sparta

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Can you name the Famous Kings of Sparta (and one Queen)?

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Biographical DetailKing/Queen
Founder or the Agiad Dynasty
Fought in the Trojan War
Queen of Sparta - the face that launched 1000 ships
Won the Battle of Sepia 505 BC
Died at Thermpylae
Lost the Battle of Leuctra 371BC
Died returning from Egypt 360BC
Exiled King at the Persian Court
Biographical DetailKing/Queen
Lost the Battle of Sellasia in 222BC
Agreed the Thirty Years Truce with Athens in 446BC
Lost the battle of Megalopolis to Antipater
Father to the Founder of the Eurypontid Line
Mythical King - Husband of Sparta
Fought a devastating war with Tegea
Founder of the Eurypontid Line

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