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'That little filly's got my name written all over her. Literally! I once wrote my name on her dress with the tip of my...'
'Stop saying 'dab'!'
'Hello, Rusty! It's time to get up!'
'Welcome, Dr. Venture...TO THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH!'
'Ohhhh...Tiger BOMB.'
'Oregano...allergic...can't breathe...'
'What, did you pee in the corner?'
'Oh, can't we wait until Monday?'
'I used to be pretty, but not no more. Look at my nose...'
''Around the compound'? What are you, David Koresh?'
'Hey, bonus! Free smokes, man.'
'What could be more important than your family, Richard?'
'He must have like a huge mushroom down there!'
'Everything you touch turns to suck. It's official.'
'I think I just found my first arch-enemies.'
'The man couldn't find a G-spot without a Senate subcommittee.'
'Boom boom.'
'I've bought a ticket to the world and now I've come back again!'
'Smurfs don't lay eggs!'
'Yes, I remember SpinArt! Could you just drive, please?'
'I wasn't in The Stooges.'
'You can almost hear the ol' humpbacks a'callin'.'
'Dibs on the killing sound.'
'Wow! That's a big one. Now, ease it in...good, just like that.'
'I couldn't run because...I had a lighter up my ass.'
'I kidnapped your daughter!'
'Slumber partaaaayyy!'
'Make way for the Homo Superior!'
'Intruder! Intruder! Destroy!'
'They don't have African-Americans in England!'
'It's the ghost of Abraham Lincoln!'
'And this dog f***in' TALKS, man!'
'They're like little niblets, like little...corn niblets!'
'I like my ass, gentlemen!'
'It means he has a tiny Chiney chubby for her!'
'Do you have any idea how long six million bucks takes to pay off on a government salary?!'
'Doc! You've got a table over there with a sign, that says 'LASER DEATH RAY BARGAIN BIN'!!'
'You can handle the creepy guys dressed like special creepy guys.'
'Yeah, you were so scary when you crapped your pants.'
'How many Yaz songs do you have on this thing?'
'One is always supposed to look after one's lab partner. Venture...did not.'
'Oh, way to quote something I said, like, a year ago.'
'I shall prepare a marinade tonight!'
'From what? Bedbugs and tummyaches?'
'Who wants PIZZA ROLLS?'
'Beep beep boop beep boop'
'This big rig takes up two seats.'
'Do you have a moment to talk about the Lord?'
'I swear to the Lord God Almighty, I will kill the living f*** out of that dog!'
'Yours is the veil of blood! Yours is the Sword of Michael!'
'You don't know DICK!'
'Your powers are useless against me, you silly billy.'
'I like hugging you in your new costume...'
'Well, I got porn here. It helps.'
'Damned Mallomars! My tits are back!'
'The Baron has instituted the death penalty for all violations of Underlaw.'
'I just saw Mum's clean panties.'
'I misunderstood the question!'
'That makes me...45? I've never even kissed a girl.'

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