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Going in with the lead, he comes out in second: overhyping yourself = blowing it.
Real life friends of past players clearly fail.
Beaten. Blindsided. Booted.
Caused a riot at the challenge... and was outplayed by the boys.
Started at the top, played the middle for too long, sent down under.
Couldn't work the sex appeal like Julia...
The noob roommate outlasts the veteran.
The mactor bites off more than he can chew and gets hung out to dry.
Krieg's numbers finally start to shrink. First one to go, the one whose font was annoyingly pink.
Being 'dead meat' twelve straight times finally caught up to her.
Good Fairy gone bad.
Guys, that was my vote reason! I swear! Oh.. uh.. um..
Auction: 2 stars. Making your own Greatest Moments list by being blindsided: Priceless
Out of the box. >_>
Conquered all the others en route to becoming the Sole Survivor.
You can't teach charm, but you can fake modesty.
Improved, but still gets snuffed by the sombrero.
The gold gets tarnished and it's unlucky 13 for number 1.
Sorry, but 15 hours isn't enough. Sorry again.
The dark horse gets put to sleep.
...and they thought Brian was the feral child.
Halved his activity, halved his placing!
Too bad Harvard doesn't teach you how to be less exotic and gazelle-like.
The Poutine Stand's second half falls after the first. e,,@/
'I was like so turn on that like vag started to quiver... but then like I get vote out.'
Like I don't think you should be playing.
The unexpected post-merge starr finally gets accosted into the abyss.
He h8s life; Metak h8ed him.
Totally not worth throwing it...
Fooled the Snowdens and stripped them of their power.. and won 7-0.
'OMGOMGOMG I usually love getting screwed from behind!!'
Voting out this threat was a proposal they couldn't turn down.
The newest golden member survives the mass execution, but still falls just short.
Oh no they didn vote out Daneeka, boi!
The pick'em star can't keep the blue alive.
Turned down by Kyle's mom just in time for vacation.
A rock. An island. ...a joke. Legit.
Well, I'll be dammed. They weren't feeling the beaver hat.
Unable to tone down the arrogance, she now has a date with Julie.
No way to know for sure, I figure out a cure. I'm patchin' up the holes... but then it overflows.
One crustacean down, he sinks all the way to the bottom.
Defeated Big Brother once and for all and takes the title of Sole Survivor.
What a birthday gift: six votes and a snuffed torch. It's the thought that counts.

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