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On a mysterious island a group investigate reports of zombies after an incident at a NYC harbour
American idiots bomb London to controll the infection
Zombies in a theme park
British mercenaries stumble across nazi zombies in Eastern Europe
Underground military base where soldiers sxperiment on zombies becomes overrun by zombies
Bikers storm into a mall letting zombies into survivors hiding place
Fairly intelligent zombies attack the last refuge of humanity in a fortified city in Pennsylvania
Zombies swarm around a country house
A group of people try to make a documentary about the recent zombie uprising
Irishman wakes from a coma in deserted London before saving his friends from being raped by soldiers in Manchester
People hide in a shopping centre to escape zombies
Aliens revive the dead
While visiting their mothers grave two people encounter a zombie
Plant seeds turn people into alien zombies
Two clans in a refuge debate whether to destroy the zombie hordes or to look for a cure
Commandoe's in Papa new Guinea discover a chemical that turns people in to zombies
London slacker hides in a pub with his mum and mates
Girl gets raped by trees

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