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What are the differences between Hinduism and Islam?
Name one country in South Asia
Name the major religions in South Asia
Hinduism is _______ religion
Dividing India based on religions is ________
The major cause of slums is ____
What is the Hindu god called creator?
What is the Hindu god called destroyer?
What is the Hindu god called preserver?
What is the holiest river in India?
What is the first pillar of Islam?
What is the journey to Mecca called that each muslim muslim must make in their lifetime?
In the Quran, Jesus Christ was considered a?
A run down, squalor place outside of the city mostly inhabited by poor people?
People who move around from place to place in the Middle East are?
A small jewish country in the Middle East?
The country in the Middle East that is considered the most wealthy based on oil?
Is it correct to call all Muslims an Arab? or vice versa?
One of the pillars of Islam; fasting
Who is the muslim messenger sent by Allah?

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