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Can you name the trivia to Asher Roth's 'I Love College'?

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How was that party last night?
He had this one girl completely...
Pass out when?
Wake up when?
Go out where?
How long does he want to go to college for?
Sip what?
Drink what?
How much can he get pizza for?
He's champion at what?
Name one of the basketball players he is compared to.
Don't do what in his house?
When is time not wasted?
What do they wish they did at the party?
Drink his what?
Smoke his what?
Name one of the three things he loves.
Don't pass out with what on?
Don't leave the house until what is gone?
How many male contraceptive devices should you put on?
What is the first thing they chant?
The second?
The third?
The fourth?
Does he really have to what?

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