Avoid the Obvious Sporcles

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Can you name the answers that are 2nd-5th most guessed in Sporcle quizzes without guessing the obvious #1?

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Quiz(#1), 2nd - 5thCategory
Countries of AsiaGeography
Countries of the WorldGeography
Greek AlphabetLanguage
Greek GodsReligion
Countries of AfricaGeography
U.S. StatesGeography
All Time Premier LeagueSports
Periodic Table ElementsScience
Countries of EuropeGeography
Most Spoken LanguagesLanguage
Quiz(#1), 2nd - 5thCategory
Presidents of the USAHistory
Seven Deadly SinsReligion
Colors of the RainbowJust For Fun
Seven DwarfsMovies
The Nine PlanetsScience
Human BonesScience
NFL TeamsSports
Commonest English wordsLanguage
Fast Food RestaurantsMiscellaneous
Santa's ReindeerHoliday

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