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A: A golden one was thrown by E2 to other Ges
D: Space between two objects
E1: Number of Ps
E2: 10th P for some T
F: Before everything else
G: Female deity
H: Where a G lives
J: Its M2s helped to find the S4 of L
L: Electromagnetic Wave
M1: 525949 of these make an average Y
M2: Os a P
N: Appellation
O: Go aR2
P: Os S5
R1: Found aR2 S1
R2: Form of a P or an A or a R1
S1: Sixth P
S2: After F
S3: Mundane version of H
S4: Amount of D over T
S5: E1 LM1s from us
T: Measured in Ys, M1s or S2s
U: P Nd 'H' in Greek
V: P Nd after a G
X: F N of E2
Y: T of O of a P
Z: Part of S3 that contains S5 and the Ps

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