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A1: P2
A2: Where the S6 of M3-D1 is
A3: H1less A2; P1 of B1
A4: S5 C2; D4 U1
B1: M3-D1, e.g.
B2: O1
B3: C3 L1ed here (2 W3s)
B4: T2 in Q2
C1: L4 A3 is is the O2
C2: L1M1
C3: Make F4
D1: S9H1
D2: T2 in A4; E2 in F2 W3 of B3
D3: N1 I1 of A4
D4: O2 of U2
D5: H1 of N1 A4n R1
E1: W2 S6 for D3
E2: P3
F1: O2 of W1
F2: O2 of L2
F3: T1
F4: C1 a L5 of W2
F5: F4 for the B2; W2 for a F1
F6: M2
H1: B2 P1
I1: E.g. an O3 (used at M1)
J1: O2 of S4
K1: Its F4 are E1 L4s
L1: O2 of W1; P1 of Q2
L2: S8
L3: A1 a L5 to L2
L4: DeP1
L5: P1 of W3
L6: A3
M1: B2
M2: P2
M3: D1 P1ner
N1: O4 A4n
O1: S2 the O2
O2: Not AL6
O3: B2 P1
O4: Without any C1
O5: Not the S1
P1: A P2 this means A3U1
P2: P3
P3: O5 W3 for for
Q1: S5 P1
Q2: P1 of A4
R1: E.g. in A4: D5, J1, ...
S1: O2 of O2
S2: C1 a L5 of L2 W3 of B3
S3: L2 P1 of O2
S4: C1 a L5 of S3
S5: L3
S6: Where you get the O4
S7: This S3
S8: O2 of L4
S9: F4 F3
T1: L6
T2: C1 a L5 of D4
U1: F6 D4
U2: Q1 F3
W1: What M3 and D1 contain
W2: C1 a L5 of W3
W3: P1 of what you S2

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