Star Trek Archetypes

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Can you name the Star Trek Archetypes?

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Charming womanizerThe Original Series
Charming womanizerThe Next Generation
Charming womanizerDeep Space Nine
Charming womanizerVoyager
Charming womanizerEnterprise
No emotions, but big heartThe Original Series
No emotions, but big heartThe Next Generation
No emotions, but big heartDeep Space Nine
No emotions, but big heartVoyager
No emotions, but big heartEnterprise
Token alien raceThe Original Series
Token alien raceThe Next Generation
Token alien raceDeep Space Nine
Token alien raceVoyager
Token alien raceEnterprise
Unrequited loverThe Original Series
Unrequited loverThe Next Generation
Unrequited loverDeep Space Nine
Unrequited loverVoyager
Unrequited loverEnterprise
Young ingenue (naive, full of wonder)The Original Series
Young ingenueThe Next Generation
Young ingenueDeep Space Nine
Young ingenueVoyager
Young ingenueEnterprise
Amusing foolThe Original Series
Amusing foolThe Next Generation
Amusing foolDeep Space Nine
Amusing foolVoyager
Amusing foolEnterprise

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