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Glossary Description French Word
Americans, or English-speaking people who moved to New Orleans from other parts of the United States
a long, thin loaf of French bread
good night
good evening
dear, darling
festive, cheerful
excuse me
free people of color
grandmother, grandma
grandfather, grandpa
the Americans
my dear, my darling
my little one, my little girl
Mrs., ma'am
Miss, young lady
beautiful, magnificent
But no!
Glossary Description French Word
mother, mama
a day of feasting and parties just before the somber religious period called Lent begins. '_____ season' refers to the several weeks of festivities leading up to ____. The words __
thank you
thank you very much
my friend
my son
Mister, sir
French toast
a rich, sweet treat made of pecans, brown sugar, and butter
How awful! What a fright!
very beautiful
very good, very nice
an American woman or girl
an original, one of a kind

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