WW2 Allied Operations

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Can you name some of the famous WW2 Allied Operation Code-names?

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Famous misinformation plan; caused Germans to divert troops from Italy to Greece.
American invasion of Guadalcanal.
Last phase of the Allied breakout at El Alamein.
Allied project devoted to deciphering the Enigma machine.
Allied breakout from Normandy.
American invasion of Iwo Jima.
Desperate Allied evacuation of Dunkirk.
Code name for the invasion of Okinawa.
Allied project devoted to breaking Japanese codes.
Allied invasion of Sicily.
First Allied landings in Italy.
Allied plan to invade Europe; scrapped after the failed Dieppe raid.
Code name for airdrops to resistance fighters in France.
Allied landings at Anzio.
Code name for Allied invasion of German-occupied France at Normandy.
Code name for the Allied invasion of North Africa.
Final Russian encirclement and destruction of German forces at Stalingrad.
Secret Allied project to develop a nuclear bomb.
Planned (but never executed) invasion of mainland Japan; included operations Olympic and Coronet.
Originally named Operation Anvil; Allied invasion of Southern France.
Two-pronged advance to capture the Solomon Islands, New Britain, and New Ireland; began in 1943.
Unsuccessful airdrop behind German lines in Netherlands and Germany.

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