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Frank leaves his son to his sister & best friend unbeknownst to them.
12-year-olds discover a mummy.
A psychiatrist who used to read dog's minds.
Soul Skaters v. X-Bladz.
It's always Halloween in this movie.
13-year-old must save a space station & her family.
A boy asks outer space to rescue him from Earth.
A boy learns hes a merman when he turns 13.
A family vs. a house named Pat.
A boy who surfs learns to snowboard.
A smart boy reinvents himself to win a girls heart.
A girls being framed by the Boogeyman.
A spoiled man invites his cousin to spend time with him.
A boy learns he doesn't have superpowers.
A African-American family hosts a white South African girl.
A jock must bowl with misfits to win a title.
A girl revisits her homeland & learns about her mother.
A wheelchair bound boy is a soapbox racer.
A girl believes her sister is from Outer space.
A jockey can communicate with her horse.
An only child learns she will soon have 5 brothers and sisters.
A boy clones himself.
A moms children are worried about who she went on a date with.
Some weird things have been happening at this movie theatre.
2 girls make it snow in L.A. around Christmas.
A 15 year old has to save her space station....again.
A girl impersonates her brother to ride dirtbikes.
A boy learns he is Irish.
A dog follows home his owners enemy.
A boy must juggle being an action hero & his regular life.
A chimp knows sign language.
A boy goes on vacation & fights off pirates.
2 scientists invent a time machine.
A girl must keep a portal between 2 worlds open.
A boy runs to the North Pole & impersonates Santa.
Twin Sisters play basketball.
A spoiled city-girl is sent to military school.
A sister documents her mentally challenged brother.
A student investigates why her teacher has gone missing.
A teacher turns her schools cheer-leading team around.
A girl can communicate with dolphins.
A society of ghosts are searching for 2 kids grandfathers lost soul.
A boy wishes his younger brother away.
2 sisters drag race.
A family is sent to an island for a fake vacatoon.
A boy would rather cook then play baseball.
A group of girls sing.
Jewish kids play basketball.
A cheerleader battles crime.
A boy creates a hologram.
A blind boy wrestles.
A girl has to save her space station a third time.
2 teenage girls end up with a pop-stars cell-phone.
A girl goes on a cruise for military families.
A witch goes to high school.
A reality TV show revels more than it should.
A boy tries to preserve the buffalo traditions.
A cheerleader battles crime again.
A figure skater plays hockey.
A boy adopts a dog.
A family goes on an island for vacation.
2 girls learn their not only sisters but witches.
A group of high school students sing & dance.
2 spoiled sisters are sent to work at a dairy.
A teenage girl is the only one who can prevent evil spirits from destroying the world.
A girl writes in her diary & everyone ends up seeing it.
A group of girls sing again.
A witch goes to college.
A boy learns to double dutch.
A surfer turned snowboarder returns to Hawaii.
A group of high school students sing & dance...again.
Twin witches believe their dads alive.

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