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US President
19th century 
20th century 
20th century 
20th century 
21st century 
moons of planets
moon of Uranus 
moon of Saturn 
moon of Saturn 
moon of Jupiter 
Earth's moon 
South Park Character
Catholic priest 
classmate, girl, Wendy's friend 
main boy 
main boy 
main boy 
Asian Country
capital: Muscat 
capital: Vientiane 
Major Roman Deities
goddess of matrimony 
god of war 
NFL Team
American, east 
National, west 
Tony Award Best Musical
1981, Andrew Lloyd Webber 
1982, MauryYeston 
1996, Jonathan Larson 
letter of Greek alphabet
Olympian Deities
king of the gods 
goddess of marriage, women, childbirth 
god of war 
Books of the Bible
OT Narrative 
OT Narrative 
Minor Prophet 
Minor Prophet 
NT Narrative 
NT Narrative 
NT Narrative 
Epistle (3 of them) 
Scrabble q without u words
number 5 in dice, cards 
Muslim jurisprudence 
Muslim judge 
Muslim tribal chief 
19th letter of Hebrew alphabet 
A charitable trust in Islamic law 
name of animal babies
antelope, camel, dolphin 
ape, human 
alpaca, llama 
deer, donkey 
kangaroo, koala, opossum 
horse, zebra 
log in base 2 of 32 
square root of 16 
largest single digit perfect square 

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