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'Watch the _____ , ****!'
What killed Amy Aerobics, Jenny's exercise program predecessor?
Who always sususpected the Fun Police?
Finish the title of one of Coconut Pete's most successful records: Sea Shanties and ____ ____
What is the name of the resort island where the movie takes place?
Penelope hid from Juan the fact that she's a semi-professional what?
For how long does Sam claim to be able to hold his breath?
'It's not a party until someone breaks the _____ !'
What is Lars required to wear his first night on the job?
What's the name of the crazed legendary killer whose ghost haunts the island?
What famous tennis player was Putman's partner for a week?
'I think you mean 'Pina Coladaburg,' a little song I wrote seven and a half **** years before _________ was even on the map!'
Who is Welkie?

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