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The name Pooh was first given to what animal belonging to Christopher Robin
'Small' is one of his friends-and-relations
Pooh composes a hum about this type of pie
He needs his medicine so he can grow big and strong
Piglet's favorite thing to eat
Christopher Robin's pet name for Pooh
Winnie the Pooh illustrator
The name of the house built by Pooh and Piglet for Eeyore
Christopher Robin leads an 'expotition' to find this
The game invented by Pooh
Eeyore's favorite thing to eat
Two animals that frighten Pooh and Piglet
Pooh's favorite thing to eat
Winnie the Pooh author
This character is first introduced in The House at Pooh Corner
Pooh lived in the forest under the name of __________
They come in the Spotted and Herbaceous varieties
Eeyore loses what part of himself
The name of Piglet's grandfather
Tigger's favorite food of Roo's to eat
The name of Pooh's corked-jar-boat
What was Winnie the Pooh's name before it was Winnie the Pooh?
Tigger is 'attacked' by this at Pooh's house
Pooh's birthday gift for Eeyore
The more it snows... ____________-______
Owl uses Eeyores tail as this
He becomes entirely surrounded by water
The only reason for being a bee
You can't help respecting him, even if he can't spell Tuesday correctly
Pooh's disguise for stealing honey
He receives a 'small piece of damp rag' for his birthday
The name Christopher Robin gives to Piglet after his bath
The name of Pooh's umbrella-boat
She gives piglet a bath

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