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Yearname movies revolving around foodextra hint
1971the original
1973made of people
1980famous actor directed, but never directed again
198180's indie film with no plot
1982set in the late 50's
1987'snap out of it'
1987script is nearly the same (adapted) from eat, drink, man, woman
1987writer wrote out of africa
1988restaurant is in connecticut
1991famous food fight
1992the director is swedish
1997movie made into a tv series
1998bring a dummy
1999think buffy (really bad movie)
Yearname movies revolving around foodextra hint
2000actor in this film has been in 2 others in this quiz
2001remade, horribly!
2003famous korean film
2004nearly killed merlot
2005the brain!
2005the remake
2006based on a true story but movie is fictionalized
2007director died before movie was released
2007the bad remake of an above film
2007very bloody film
2009childs play

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