Triple Trouble: Seven Wonders

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Can you name the wonders of the ancient, medieval, and natural world?

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This wonder was built in Babylon.
This is the oldest and longest-standing wonder.
This tomb was built in Turkey.
This took 277 years to build.
This wonder is located in Arizona.
This was a church in Constantinople until 1453.
This was one of the tallest building in Egypt.
This statue honored Helios.
This monument was built in England.
This tower was built during the Ming dynasty.
This place was used by gladiators
This phenomenon occurs in the polar regions and is visible to the naked eye in the night.
This is the world's largest reef system.
This place honored Diana.
This mountain is located in western Mexico.
This was built by Phidias.
This body of water is between Zambia and Zimbabwe.
This city has Christ the Redeemer.
This necropolis is from Egypt.
This can be seen from space.
This is the tallest mountain in the world.

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