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Famous QuotesBokurano Pilots
'I'm trying to kill my best friend.'
'Children, I'm sorr-'
'You see? Do you see this world of ours?'
'Mother, I'll see you again.'
'AHHH! God, I hate that shape.'
'Yeah, as you guessed it, I'm popular.'
'Papa, I spent my life watching you on the news.'
'I don't want to die. No. No.'
Famous QuotesBokurano Pilots
'All of my life, I've lived passively.'
'Please tell Kazu about me.'
'My father is a chosen man.'
'Will I make it tomorrow?'
'I can stand with a raised fist.'
'Zearth, take off.'
'I can see-see the light of their lives.'
'I can't take this anymore.'
'Brother-Brother, no.'

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