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Famous QuotesBokurano Pilots
'You see? Do you see this world of ours?'
'Children, I'm sorr-'
'I don't want to die. No. No.'
'AHHH! God, I hate that shape.'
'Will I make it tomorrow?'
'Mother, I'll see you again.'
'I can't take this anymore.'
'I'm trying to kill my best friend.'
Famous QuotesBokurano Pilots
'I can stand with a raised fist.'
'Papa, I spent my life watching you on the news.'
'My father is a chosen man.'
'Yeah, as you guessed it, I'm popular.'
'Please tell Kazu about me.'
'I can see-see the light of their lives.'
'Brother-Brother, no.'
'Zearth, take off.'
'All of my life, I've lived passively.'

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