British Royal Navy losses in World War 2

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Can you name the British Royal Navy losses in World War 2?

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Torpedoed by U-331 off Sollum, Egypt on November 25, 1941 
Sunk by Japanese land-based aircraft of Malaya, December 10, 1941 
Torpedoed at anchor in Scapa Flow by U-47, October 14, 1939 
Sunk by German battleship Bismarck in North Atlantic, May 24, 1941 
Sunk by Japanese land-based aircraft off Malaya, December 10, 1941 
Aircraft Carrier
Torpedoed by U-81 east of the Strait of Gibraltar, sank the following day on November 14, 1941 
Torpedoed by U-29 during anti-submarine patrol off the western Irish coast, September 17, 1939 
Torpedoed by U-73 while escorting Malta convoy, August 11, 1942 
Sunk by German battleships Scharnhorst and Gneisenau in Norwegian Sea, June 8, 1940 
Sunk by Japanese carrier aircraft near Trincomalee, Sri Lanka, on April 9, 1942 
Escort Carrier
Torpedoed by U-751 while escorting convoy HG 76 from Gibraltar to UK, December 21, 1941 
Torpedoed by U-155 off Gibraltar, November 15, 1942 
Sunk by internal explosion in the Firth of Clyde, west coast of Scotland, March 27, 1943 

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