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Genus speciesCommon NameFamily
Grampus griseusDelphinidae
Eschrichtius robustusEschrichtiidae
Eumetopias jubatusOtariidae
Leptonychotes weddelliPhocidae
Hydrodamalis gigasDugongidae (Sirenia)
Odobenus rosmarusOdobenidae
Mesoplodon densirostrisZiphiidae
Physeter macrocephalusPhysteridae
Phocoena phocoenaPhocoenidae
Ziphius cavirostrisZiphiidae
Cystophora cristataPhocidae
Callorhinus ursinusOtariidae
Genus speciesCommon NameFamily
Enhydra lutrisMustelidae
Trichechus manatusTrichechidae (Sirenia)
Lipotes vexilliferLipotidae
Megaptera novaeangliaeBalaenopteridae
Mirounga leoninaPhocidae
Dugong dugongDugongidae (Sirenia)
Ursus maritimusUrsidae
Eubalaena glacialisBalaenidae
Tasmacetus shepherdiZiphiidae
Phocoena sinusPhocoenidae
Tursiops truncatusDelphinidae

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