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Extensible markup language
An instrument played with the strikes of small hammers
A class of unstable organic acids containing sulfur
A gaming console by Microsoft
That which has adapted to or is characterized by an arid climate
A brand associated with copy machines
A small South American bird that forages for insects in bark
A form of cross-pollination also called outbreeding
RPG released by Squaresoft in 1998
The largest satellite radio service in the US before a mid-2009 merger
The irrational fear of strangers
A small Mediterranean vessel with 3 sails, can be spelled with a 'z'
The roman numeral for 10
The common abbreviation for a holiday celebrated around the Winter Solistice
A noble gas used in bright lamps
90s FOX show featuring FDI agents Mulder and Scully
A common medication for the treatment of anxiety
The Persian emperor that invaded Greece in 480 BC
A natural gum and food additive
A fictional warrior princess
A name for the Bantu language and people
The zoological term for 'sword-shaped'
The species of extraterrestrial antagonists of the Alien film series
A person who is attracted to foreign things or people
A school for mutuants and base of Marvel superhero team
Short wavelength radiation
A strict Lent fast for the Eastern Church
The 14th letter of the Greek alphabet
Presocratic philosopher that satirized Homer and critiqued religion
An idyllic place or a broadway play

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