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The common abbreviation for a holiday celebrated around the Winter Solistice
The species of extraterrestrial antagonists of the Alien film series
A class of unstable organic acids containing sulfur
A noble gas used in bright lamps
A school for mutuants and base of Marvel superhero team
Extensible markup language
A common medication for the treatment of anxiety
An idyllic place or a broadway play
The largest satellite radio service in the US before a mid-2009 merger
That which has adapted to or is characterized by an arid climate
The zoological term for 'sword-shaped'
A person who is attracted to foreign things or people
The roman numeral for 10
A fictional warrior princess
A form of cross-pollination also called outbreeding
A natural gum and food additive
A small South American bird that forages for insects in bark
A strict Lent fast for the Eastern Church
RPG released by Squaresoft in 1998
A gaming console by Microsoft
The Persian emperor that invaded Greece in 480 BC
The irrational fear of strangers
A small Mediterranean vessel with 3 sails, can be spelled with a 'z'
90s FOX show featuring FDI agents Mulder and Scully
The 14th letter of the Greek alphabet
An instrument played with the strikes of small hammers
Short wavelength radiation
Presocratic philosopher that satirized Homer and critiqued religion
A name for the Bantu language and people
A brand associated with copy machines

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