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Can you name the US Presidents by the things they did before they were elected?

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After narrowly losing a Presidental Election, wrote the bestselling 'Six Crises'
Earned the nickname 'Old Tippecanoe'
Debated Stephen A. Douglas
Championed civil rights and helped pass the law to emanicipate all slaves passing through New York
Drafted the first ten amendments to the Constitution
Administered the distribution of over 2.5 million tons of food to 9 million war victims
Served as the governor of Tennessee for three years
Became famous for his ability not to offend anyone and a reputation for honesty
Achieved the rank of Major General in a 40-year Army career
Failed to negotiate peace on Staten Island
Helped formulate the Monroe Doctrine as Secretary of State
Crossed the Delaware
As a state Senator, actively engaged with police organizations to enact death penalty reforms
Served as SAG President and provided the FBI with names of actors he believed to be communists
As governor, made many enemies in New York by investigating the sale of judicial offices
Ordered video documentation of the Holocaust for use in war crimes tribunals
Fathered three children, all of whom died before he became President
As govenor of Ohio, headed a charity drive that benefited thousands of starving citizens
'Served' almost the entirety of his Vice Presidency outside of Washington
Saved at least $15 billion after investigating the scandal of military fraud and mismanagement
Had several spinal operations over the period of two years, nearly dying twice
Founded what is now the State University of New York at Buffalo
Took personal control of the remaining police force in the Boston Police Strike
Sacked Florida and deposed the Spanish governor
Served as a successful Governor of New York, even while unpopular with Tammany Hall
Headed the Warren Commission and exposed the CIA's destruction of evidence
Created the first political machine, encompassing all of New York
Was Secretary of State and Secretary of War at the same time
As Majority Leader, was responsible for the passage of the Civil Rights Act
In the Senate, advocated spending the federal surplus on generous pensions for veterans
Argued for the petitioners in the Supreme Court case 'Ex parte Milligan'
Turned down an appointment to the Supreme Court to serve as Minister to the UK
Served as military governor of occupied Tennessee
Despite earlier support, became a very vocal opponent of the death penalty
Published 'The Marion Daily Star' and made it one of the most popular papers in the country
Commanded and won the battles of Shiloh, Vicksburg, and Chattanooga
Served as President of Princeton and Governor of New Jersey
Effectively ran the US Department of the Navy and led the 'Rough Riders' in Cuba
Appointed Governor-General of the Philippines
Served as Governor of Texas and pushed through the state's largest tax-cut
Served as Chief of the US Liasion Office to China and the Director of the CIA
Graduated from Yale and served as Governor of Arkansas
Was the primary author of the Declaration of Independence

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