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Can you name the characters, settings, items, etc from Ocarina of Time?

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Huge Goron
The Villain
The Goddess of Courage
The Hero's Sword
Boss of the Shadow Temple
The race of the Forest
Boss of the First Dungeon (Emerald)
Sage of Light
Awards Hero Din's Fire, Farore's Wind, and Nayru's Love
The Hero's Hammer
Sage of Fire
The Villain's Alter-Ego
Awards Hero Magic Spin Attack
The Village
The Mountain
The Lake
The Goddess of Power
The Sword acquired from a quest given by the Huge Goron
The Princess's Alter-Ego
The race of the Mountain
A Blue Cuccoo
Ancient race associated with The Village
Ancient Guardian of the Forest
Owner of the Ranch's Daughter
The Desert
Awards Hero an increased Magic Meter
The Shield acquired in the Desert
Sage of Water
Owl: Considered an Ancient Sage
Sage of Spirit
Boss of Second Dungeon (Ruby)
The Princess
Boss of Third Dungeon (Sapphire)
The Adult Hero's Shield
Sage of Shadow
The Realm
The race of the Desert
Worker at the Ranch/ Usurper of the Ranch
Boss of the Water Temple
Boss of the Forest Temple
Boss of the Fire Temple
The Hero
Sage of Forest
Awards Hero enhanced defenses
The race of the Realm
'Leader' of Kokiri children; he strongly dislikes the Hero
Boss of the Spirit Temple
Mischief maker of the Lost Woods (appears again in Majora's Mask)
Owner of the Ranch
The race of the Lake
The Goddess of Wisdom
The Child Hero's Shield
The Hero's Instrument
The Hero's Horse
The Forest
The Hero's Fairy

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