First and Last Words: Metallica

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Can you name the Metallica's first and last words to this song?

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Welcome Home (Sanitarium)Master Of Puppets
Ride The LightningRide The Lightning
Blackened...And Justice For All
The Four HorsemenKill 'Em All
The Frayed Ends Of Sanity...And Justice For All
The Unforgiven IIIDeath Magnetic
Some Kind Of MonsterSt. Anger
Master Of PuppetsMaster Of Puppets
St. AngerSt. Anger
The Thing That Should Not BeMaster Of Puppets
All Nightmare LongDeath Magnetic
Damage Inc.Master Of Puppets
Fight Fire With FireRide The Lightning
Fade To BlackRide The Lightning
Am I Evil?Garage Inc.
One...And Justice For All
Enter SandmanMetallica
MotorbreathKill 'Em All
CyanideDeath Magnetic
Disposable HeroesMaster Of Puppets
Wherever I May RoamMetallica
...And Justice For All...And Justice For All
WhiplashKill 'Em All
Holier Than ThouMetallica

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