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Proud as a _______Very haughty
______ clockStrikes the hours with a bird call
___ walkCross the street in a reckless manner
Happy as a ____Very cheerful
____ songThe last work or performance by an artist
Crazy as a ____Nuts
Tastes like _______Cliche phrase
Dead as the ____Extinct bird
War ____Political stance of being for aggression
As scarce as ___'s teethThey don't actually have teeth
Lame ____An elected official who has little time left in office
Wild _____ chaseFutile or worthless pursuit
Sick as a ______Quite ill
Night ___Someone who likes to stay up late
As the ____ fliesStraight line between two places
March of the _______s2005 French nature documentary
Stool ______A person employed or acting as a decoy or informer

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