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Definition 1HeteronymDefinition 2
One who sketchesCompartment in a dresser
To quitTo renew a contract
To suggestPersonal or private
A noisy dispute or quarrelTo propel a vessel with an oar
The oppositeTo talk
Japanese alcohol made from ricePurpose or end
Substances that accept protonsFundamental principles
To assert or declarePart of a sentence
BandageTo make smaller
Measuring device for minute distancesA millionth of a meter
Collection of published materialTo absorb nutrients
Elevated spot with a viewTo ignore
Tools used to chop woodReference lines on a graph
Large black birdTo devour voraciously
To rain or snowA solid separated from a solution
Leveling outBeginning of night
ThemeTo bring under control
An internal tax on certain commoditiesTo cut out
Recurring at intervals of time________ acid (oxoacid of iodine)

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