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Can you name the US President during each of these events?

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EventUS President
16th Amendment was ratified
Interstate Commerce Commission
Watergate scandal
Teapot Dome scandal
Immigration Act of 1924
Panic of 1873
John Hinckley, Jr. assassination attempt
Gettysburg Address
Second president to be assassinated
Treaty of Portsmouth
Sherman Antitrust Act
Lewinsky scandal
Richard Nixon pardoned
First president to die in office
Panic of 1893
Sputnik 1 launched
Cuban Missile Crisis
Dred Scott Decision
Nullification Crisis
Women granted the right to vote
Gadsden Purchase
Closing of Guantanamo Bay detention camp ordered
EventUS President
Clayton-Bulwer Treaty
Persian Gulf War (1st)
XYZ Affair
Dingley Act
Compromise of 1850
9/11 terrorist attacks
The beginning of the Great Depression
War of 1812
Tariff of 1828
Bill of Rights ratified
Missouri Compromise
Annexation of the Republic of Texas
The Korean War began
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
Iran hostage crisis
Embargo Act
Chinese Exclusion Act
La Amistad
First U.S. President to be impeached
Civil Rights Act
New Deal
Great Railroad Strike

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