House: What Character?

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Can you name the character of House from the clue given?

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I have had a problem with Vicodin. 
I married Chase. 
I’m the Dean of Medicine. 
I’m Australian. 
I have Huntington’s. 
I’m House’s best friend. 
The CIA brought me in to work on a case. 
I committed suicide. 
I am the head of Diagnostic Medicine. 
I came back to work in exchange for a date with House. 
I infected Cameron with the same disease that was killing me. 
I am responsible for President Dibala’s death. 
I quit after my boyfriend was fired. 
I cheated on my wife. 
I’m House’s pet rat. 
I had an infarction in my leg. 
My mother died from Alzheimer’s. 
I’m bisexual. 
I’ve been divorced three times. 
I hate sports metaphors. 
I used to be a plastic surgeon. 
I dated Lucas. 
My kidneys shut down because of my flu pills. 
I cheated on my husband with House. 
House hired me as a private investigator. 
My father’s death led me to making a mistake. 
I’m a neurologist. 
I got Cuddy’s thong. 
I play Metroid on my GameBoy. 
I went to Thailand for awhile. 
Cuddy is my mother. 
I’m a cop that tried to bring House down. 
I’m an oncologist. 
I’m married to Taub. 
I’m Mormon. 
I’m a radiologist currently dating Wilson. 
I was the last one eliminated from House’s game. 
I’m married to Stacy. 
Foreman chose me as his medical proxy. 
I was the oldest of House’s applicants. 
Very Hard
I am House’s mother. 
I faked a case of polio. 
I’m a billionaire who tried to get House fired. 
House uses me to examine a leg. 
I was House’s roommate at the psychiatric hospital. 
I work in real estate and married Wilson. 
I’m Foreman’s brother. 
My parents were killed during an armed robbery. 
People think I have a big nose. 
It’s not lupus! 

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