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AParaplegic marine on Pandora
BThe 'Dude'
CPhotographer, gangs in Brazil
D'The Prawns'
EPhone home
FMurder in the middle of nowhere
GFebruary 2
HHutu, Tutsi
IBedford Falls
KSkull Island
LPride Rock
MThere is no spoon
NHunter finds $2 million, becomes 'hunted'
ONurse Ratched
QBond in Bolivia
RInjured photographer suspects murder
SRita Hayworth,'Red'
TLawyer, 'Boo'
UParadise Falls
VThe 5th of November
W'The Ram,' 'Cassidy'
XProfessor X
YMan revives famous grandfathers work
ZPrime Minister of Malaysia

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