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Can you name the character of Moby Dick from the description?

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Captain of the Pequod; has a peg leg
Third harpooner on the Pequod; described as 'a gigantic, coal-black negro-savage'
First mate of the Pequod; Quaker from Nantucket
Second mate of the Pequod; from Cape Cod
Third mate of the Pequod; from Martha's Vineyard
Cannibal harpooner from Kokovoko; narrator's friend
Narrator of the novel; you know what to call him
Stubb's harpooner; craves rum
Strange, “oriental” old Parsee; prophet to Ahab
Retired whaleman of Nantucket; takes care of hiring the crew (generous one)
Retired whaleman of Nantucket; takes care of hiring the crew (crusty one)
Preacher; delivers sermon on Jonah and the whale
One-armed English whaling captain; master of the Samuel Enderby
Sailor aboard the Jeroboam; prophet warns of the White Whale
First prophet; warns of Old Thunder
Innkeeper at the Spouter Inn; deathly name
Dangerous sailor on the Pequod; returned from a 4-year voyage
The great white sperm whale; the White Whale
Goes insane; half idiot-half prophet
The Cook; old African-American with bad knees

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