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Cady Heron, Regina George (2004)
Samantha Baker, Jake Ryan (1984)
David, Bill Johnson (1998)
Zack Siler, Laney Boggs (1999)
Glenn Holland, Principal Jacobs (1995)
Torrance Shipman, Whitney (2000)
David Wooderson, Ron Slater (1993)
Steve Stifler, Kevin Myers (1999)
Seth, Fogell (2007)
Margaret White, Sue Snell (1976)
Danny Zuko, Sandy Olsson (1978)
Jim Cunningham, Frank (2001)
Cher Horowitz, Tai (1995)
Jeff Spicoli, Stacy Hamilton (1982)
Andrew Clark, Claire Standish (1985)
Pedro, Uncle Rico (2004)
Joel Goodsen, Lana (1983)
Daniel Larusso, Mr, Miyagi (1984)
Patrick Verona, Kat Stratford (1999)
Josie Geller, Sam Coulson (1999)
Boobie Miles, Mike Winchell (2004)
John Keating, Neil Perry (1989)
Doughboy, Ricky Baker (1991)
Curt Henderson, John Milner (1973)
George, Shooter (1986)
Jim McAllister, Tracy Flick (1999)
Matthew Kidman, April (2004)
Montgomery, Coco (1980)
Ren McCormack, Ariel Moore (1984)
Cameron Frye, Ed Rooney (1986)

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