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Can you name the character of The Office (US) from the clue given?

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Mose is my cousin. 
I burnt my foot on my Foreman Grill. 
I run the warehouse. 
I was a volunteer sheriff on the weekends. 
Michael took me to Jamaica with him. 
Oscar synched my voice up with the Cookie Monster. 
Michael ran me down with his car. 
I fled when suspected of murder. 
I was engaged to Angela. 
I’m fast. Somewhere between a snake, mongoose, and a panther. 
I’m the CEO of Sabre. 
I’ll take the chicken breast, hold the chicken. 
I work in Quabb err.. Quality Assurance. 
Michael told people I was the voice of the Taco Bell dog. 
“Did I stutter?!” 
I lied about going to Thailand. 
Andy got me the 12 Days of Christmas. 
I was at anger management for 5 weeks. 
Through concentration, I can raise and lower my cholesterol. 
A Chris Rock impersonation got me in trouble. 
I caught an 80 pound shark off Montauk. 
I only tip my urologist. 
I want to name my kid Usher Jennifer Hudson. 
“I like Pretzel Day.” 
I won an event at the World Series of Poker. 
If Michael steps on a mine, I can have his job. 
I was the regional manager at the Utica branch. 
I would bring Ghost on Desert Island. 
My middle name is Rajnigandha. 
I thought Rajnigandha was a boy’s name? 
My license plate reads “WLHUNG.” 
My favorite NY pizza joint is Sbarro’s. 
I was Italian on Diversity Day. 
My middle name is Morgan. 
I am Pam’s mother. 
I accidentally watched Wedding Crashers. 
I invented “Suck It!” 
I think Harry Connick Jr. is ‘so talented.’ 
I played on the “Orange” soccer team. 
My “capa was detated” from my head. 
Very Hard
I was Holly’s boyfriend in Nashua. 
I used to work at Saticoy Steel. 
I play the game ‘Pam Pong.’ 
I got Pam a Prism DuroSport. 
Many of my blouses are Claibornes. 
I’m the warehouse worker that Oscar has a crush on. 
I beat Dwight in the 6th grade spelling bee. 
I have a 'steady hand.' 
I am Jim’s brother. 
I was injured zip-lining. 

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