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this bone transmits vibrations of the first bone in the middle ear
this aspect is the most important in a adult face recognition
this instrument adds pure tones to create a complex sound
the scale used for decibels is this type of scale
type of wave made by a tuning fork
upright faces stimulate this side of the FG
Increased sensitivity and intolerance to sounds within the normal range of amplitudes is caused by paralysis of what?
neuron that fires different patterns depending on the direction of sound
this bone moves due to the vibration of the tympanic membrane
these act to amplify the vibration for better transmission to the fluid
this bone transmits vibrations via the oval window of the cochlea
columns that respond to one ear
colour vision test, simulates weather conditions
where does the organ of corti rest?
type of cell that is said to fire to only for a very specific stimulus
there are this many discrete face selective patches in the prefrontal corex (spell out number)
Fluid-filled snail-like structure
hardest bone in the body
this structure is for the sense of posture
perceptual dimension associated with amplitude
this area of the human brain responds best to faces
this area of the human brain responds best to full body images
columns that respond to either ear
there is greater fMRI activation of FFA and this other section of the brain when faces of the same race were presented
resonant frequency of the ear canal amplifies frequencies to up to this many Hz (numerals, spaces instead of commas)
this area of the human brain responds best to open spaces
the type of code that says there is a neuron for each face
perceptual dimension associated with frequency
high end of the number of Hz humans can hear (numerals, spaces instead of commas)
a brain structure that processes information about specific stimuli (fun fact: it's also how isci decided to arrange our courses)
perceptual dimension associated with complexity
when someone's own infant was viewed this section of the brain, associated with positive emotions, was activated
Name of experiment where pictures of Harrison Ford were shown
there are this many discrete face selective patches in the temporal cortex (spell out number)
the type of code that says that neurons combine in different patterns when shown a face
ratio of tympanic membrane to stapes footplate (x:x)
children used this type of cue to discern between faces

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