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mined in an open pit in Utah
a surface process that results in banded iron ore in layers on the sea floor
Discovered deposits that can be extracted economically and legally at the present time
a luminous coal made of metamorphic rock
Valuable materials of geologic origin that can be extracted from the earth
Oil trapped in rock as a solid
brown coal
age of the oldest rock in Canada in billions of years
the act of oil moving upwards
form that prevents oil from moving upwards
black, high quality coal
contains metals concentrated in hot fluids that move through fractures, and deposits the minerals as veins
migrates from source rocks into resevoir rocks
Sinking of crystals in magma from the liquid in which they formed
naturally occurring materials that can be profitably mined
the process by which coal that is close to the surface is removed
an accumulation of valuable minerals formed by deposition of dense mineral phases in a trap site. Primary agent in the formation is water.
the oldest rock in Canada
a coase grained, porous, permeable, vuggy rock that makes a good resevoir
impermeable cap that prevents oil and gas from escaping
regions underlain by one or more oil pools
sedimentation patterns that prevent oil from moving upwards
compacted plant material
underground accumulation of oil

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